The liberation of Thaddeus Young

One of the most popular themes of last year’s 76ers (other than “God, they suck”) was “Pity poor Thaddeus Young.”

The power forward was a consummate professional, and pretty much the only veteran presence on the team able to handle the basketball by the time the year ended. Trading Thad became not so much a strategy as a charity mission: We must get this competent basketball player into a better environment. Continue reading

Exclusive: Transcript of a phone call Hinkie made to the Pistons before they cut Josh Smith

Sam Hinkie: “Hey, Jeff, I hear you’re looking to unload an overpaid player you signed to an unwise contract who can’t help your team.”

Jeff Bower: “Yeah, our time with Josh Smith is about to come to an end.”

SH: “That’s a real shame, bud. Listen, if you want us to take him off your hands for you, we could trade you for him and then cut him. Just give us a couple second rou…”

JB: “Fuck you, Hinkie. This ends now. No more.”



Here’s how the Sixers can sell out every game this season (no, really)

The Sixers will be miserable this year. They won’t have Michael Carter Williams playing for a good chunk of the year. Nerlens Noel, already skinny for the NBA, lost weight in the preseason (wait until you turn 25, Nerlens. That’s when your metabolism starts sucking at its job). Joel Embiid will probably be put on the “Whoa, big guy, slow down, it’s not a competition” rehab plan.  Continue reading